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Sharefile - Data Transfer & Large File Transfer

Sharefile - Data Transfer & Large File Transfer


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Sharefiles-Data transfer is a very useful file transfer tool, has been fully upgraded to enhance user experience.
very fast transmission file transfer tool.
Send anywhere - File transfer, Share any file to your devices and friends easily without Internet.
WiFi File Transfer helps you to manage files between phone and computer over WiFI, no USB cable needed.
managed file transfer is best way to send large files.

【 Powerful file transfer app 】

▣ Send Contacts: Transfer your contacts easily, quickly and safely.
▣ Send Apps: share interesting apps at a party with friends.
▣ Send Music & Movies: when you are watching a great movie or listening to an emotional song, send to your family unhesitatingly.
▣ Send Photos: when you wish to share beautiful photos with the friends travelling with you.
▣ Send Games: when you happen to download a funny game and your friends want it too.
Anytime you want to send files, CM Transfer is best choice for you. BTW, forget Bluetooth please.
▣ transfer health data to new iphone.

【 Main features 】

▣ No network sharing restrictions, share files whenever and wherever
▣ Upload or download multiple files at once.
▣ Share files over wifi.
▣ Transfer apps to new android.
▣ Share all File type at any place as per your need.
▣ Support multi-sharing at one time by transferring multiple data at one time using all shared app file sharing.
▣ QR code fast matching: The most convenient QR code matching program, gently sweep, finish paired share.
▣ Easily access file sharing after the receiver receives it
▣ No Internet Required
▣ Around 200 Faster File Transfer than Bluetooth.
▣ Easy to Use App with Hi Tech Features
▣ Play All Music & Video
▣ Pick any file from Internet/External SD Cards
▣ Small App Size.
▣ Backup: Backup provided of your installed Applications.
▣ Storage Location: Set storage location of your choice whether you want your received files to
remain in your phone memory or directly move to the SD card easily without scrolling from one screen to another one!
▣ Profile Pic: Choose some cool default Profile PIC for your DP OR you can Pick from Camera/Gallery.
▣ Supports all kinds of files without restrictions
▣ Simple & Easy to Use.
▣ File sharing apps and App share.
▣ Any share it, share it free, upload large files.
▣ Android file transfer, bigfile.
▣ Android file transfer windows.
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