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Fast Battery Charging - Battery Plus

Fast Battery Charging - Battery Plus




Fast Battery Charging helps charger the battery faster than normal.
super fast battery charger is a wonderful tool to speed android charging up to 150%.
You can set no sooner does your android device connect to a adapter than Fast Charging starts.
The app gives many options you can choose.
Fast Charging can boost charging speed up; calculate temperature of your android devices, volume and technology of battery; show charging levels, optimization for quick charging; support 3 charging mode; stop some applications running under background.
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*fast battery charger app*
Practical battery saving - through the house screen widget "OPTIMIZE", click Stop Energy Gourmet applications and extend the life of your battery.

*fast battery charger 2017*
Preset smart modes - select the mode that suits the + to your consumption. Energy, personalize it to find the right balance between performance and autonomy. With our battery saver.

*super fast battery charger*
Health Charge Manager - follows and implements practices at different levels for optimal battery performance.

*fast charging*
Precise status - its smart technology tells you the exact time of the remaining charge and provides you with a detailed analysis of your hardware and Android applications.

-Optimization of the battery with a single click
-fast battery charger 5x
-Estate precisely the remaining range
-Indicates the amount of battery that will be extended if you disconnect WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.
-Widget that improves battery performance through a custom user interface
-Economy of smart battery
-Battery maintenance to keep the process safe and safe
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