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Swift Streamz - Free Live TV

Swift Streamz - Free Live TV




Watch More than 700+ Live TV Channels free on your Android Phone and Tablet from across the world

Are you one of those people that can't be bothered with legal TV streaming services? Nowadays, there's no need to resort to services of dubious legality that link to external signals to be able to watch live TV channels.

However, if you don't want to download the official apps of TV channels that are usually free or pay a subscription to commercial platforms to watch movies and series of the likes of HBO or Netflix, Swift Streamz is a great option for you.

Watch hundreds of completely free TV channels from all over the world with the app Swift Streamz. If you don't have a TV at home, aren't in your home country, or simply want to discover some new international TV channels, this app has loads of channels to choose from.

To access any of the available channels, you must first select its country of origin. Browse through the many countries on Swift Streamz, select the one you're looking for, and then you can take a look at all the available channels from that country.

Swift Streamz doesn't just offer live TV, it offers high-quality live TV, and all you have to do is tap on your favorite TV channel to enjoy its content. Swift Streamz even has an integrated video player, eliminating the need for a third party player and making it even easier to watch awesome international TV!

*** Main features of Swift Stream Live TV ***

Equipped with a simple interface, you'll be able to enjoy watching live TV thanks to the following features:

Compatible with up to 10 video players as well as its own one: MX Player, 321 Player, Android Player...
Includes the most important channels from the USA, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, and dozens of other countries.
Includes categories with thematic channels: sports, kids, religion, documentaries, Bollywood...
Allows us to watch the broadcasts on full screen on our smartphone or tablet.
Although it includes adverts, they're not invasive and are easy to close.
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