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Calculator - All In One & Free

Calculator - All In One & Free




👍Calculator All-In-One is a simple, smart and usefull tool.
You can solve all the science problem with me, just like math homework, physical homework, Chemistry homework or daily life math questions!

Key Features:
⭐️ Photo Math: Scan printed or handwrited math homework to get answers at once.
⭐️ Photo Multi-Line Problems: Scan to solve multiple problems at the same time.
⭐️ Photo Answer Checker: Scan to check and correct the wrong answers.
⭐️ Basic Calculator: Basic mathematics free functions with percentage.
⭐️ Scientific Calculator: Multi-functional scientific calculator.
⭐️ Equation Calculator: Solve the complex math homework easily.
⭐️ Calculation History: Check your history calculations anytime.
⭐️ Unit Convert: Convert all unit conversion issues you encounter.
⭐️ Beautiful Interface: Beautiful layout and friendly interaction.

Photo Math
We develop a creative way to solve maths problems. Are you still annoyed at doing maths homework by hand or knocking the calculator one by one? Now with Snap math function provided by Calculator All-In-One, you just need to take a picture by camera for the complex maths homework and you can get the solutions immediately. It just takes you one step to solve an equations or a maths problem.

Photo Multi-Line Problems
Take photo to the math problems even if they are multiple. Calculator All-In-One can solve that for you. We can solve multi-line math problems at the same time.

Photo Answer Checker
Answer Checker is a good helper for you when you're doing math homework. Not only can we offer you the answers directly, but also we can check if your answers are right and correct the wrong ones for you after you finishing your homework.

Basic Calculator
Basic Calculator can do add up operation, subtraction operation, multiplication operation and division operation. We also provide a percentage calculation and you can use brackets to calculate the priority content. You will see instant math answers while you are calculating. And there’s a cursor for you to correct the mistakes in the formula. It’s an easy-to-use basic calculator better than the old one in reality.

Scientific Calculator
This Scientific Calculator contains all the scientific calculations and there’s more other scientific calculations, such as trigonometric calculation, anti-trigonometric calculation, power calculation, logarithmic calculation, square root calculation, cube root calculation, factorial calculation, π calculation and so on. By the way, we do a humanity Interface design. You just need to slide up from the bottom of the keyboard and you can see the scientific calculator.

Equation Calculator
There’s a professional equation calculator specially designed for students who need to do difficult equations. What’s more, you can do decimal calculation and power calculation in the equation calculator.

Calculation history
While you are doing calculations, you may want to go back to check the calculation before. And now we save this for you. You just need to slide down from the top of the page, and you can see all the calculation history. Long press the calculation and you can copy, delete, or calculate again from the before one.

Unit Convert
There are 18 unit categories and 250+ common unit conversions in me:
• Weight converter
• Length converter
• Temperature converter
• Volume converter
• Area converter
• Pressure converter
• Speed converter
• Time converter
• Sound converter
• Energy converter
• Power converter
• Frequency converter
• Concentration converter
• Density converter
• Angle converter
• Current converter
• Conductance converter
• Eletric potential converter

Beautiful Interface
A simple but beautiful design which will comfort you.

🎆DOWNLOAD it right now and try it for FREE!🎆
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